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Diligent counselors who can help reverse trial mistakes

When a key decision goes against you, a strong appeal might be your last chance at justice. Barlow Jones, PLLC. has a long, successful track record in summary judgment practice, post-verdict motions, appellate brief writing, and oral argument. Our attorneys are well positioned to obtain the most favorable outcomes for our clients at any litigation stage. Having a former Texas appellate judge in the group gives us unique insight on what to include in each appeal and how to present each argument. As our firm lacks the exorbitant overhead costs incurred by larger offices, we provide our clients high-quality representation at more cost-effective rates.

Thorough representation to assist in appeals alleging procedural errors

Appellate practice can be confusing, even to the most sophisticated clients. At Barlow Jones, we understand both the written rules and favored practices in Texas and federal courts. We can answer inquiries you might have regarding review standards such as:

  • Plain error of law — Even if not objected to at trial, an obviously incorrect decision by the court that led to the ultimate decision can be grounds for a successful appeal. This is rare, however, because it requires that no other evidence exists to support the verdict.
  • Insufficient evidence — When determining whether sufficient support existed for a trial court’s verdict, the appeals court does not assess witness credibility. Deference is given to the previous findings of fact, and the judgment is only overturned if no reasonable evidentiary basis exists for the decision.
  • De novo review — This standard can be used when evaluating employee benefit decisions. No weight is accorded to the lower court’s decision, and the appellate court decides based on the merits.

For any appellate matter in the Houston area, Barlow Jones can find the relevant issues and mistakes that compromised the trial and bring those errors to the appellate court’s attention in a persuasive manner.

Drafting motions to vacate and reconsider adverse decisions

Appeals are not the only way to contest an incorrect judgment. Barlow Jones attorneys can employ motion practice where appropriate to seek prompt relief. Time limits can be 14 days or fewer for motions seeking the reconsideration or vacating of a judgment, so to use this option effectively, you need experienced appellate advocates who can move quickly.

Preparing authoritative briefs to present your best argument

Many appeals are won and lost at the briefing stage. Relying on the latest technology and a deep understanding of appellate law standards, we can locate and synthesize the case law that best supports your claim. Our attorneys draft briefs that make the important points in a clear manner while avoiding the unnecessary verbiage used by many firms to hide the true issues.

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At Barlow Jones, PLLC., our attorneys litigate appeals on behalf of individual and business clients in state and federal courts. Please call 281-488-8440 or contact us online to schedule a meeting in our Houston office.

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